San Teodoro is one of the most famous sea resorts in Sardinia. Located on the northeast coast of the island, about 25 km from the port and airport of Olbia, every year it attracts countless tourists who appreciate its coast, the untouched nature, the nightlife, the mild climate, and above all its easy and relaxed atmosphere. A popular destination for holidaymakers, especially for its beautiful beaches that easily rival those of the Caribbean; both, in fact, have snow-white sand beaches, transparent blue waters with spectacular seabeds. Its 50 km of coastline host many beaches and coves worth visiting; among the most famous ones are La Cinta, Cala Brandinchi and Coda Cavallo.

But San Teodoro is not only the sea... Its most popular attractions include numerous trekking paths on Monte Nieddu, famous for its waterfalls; horseback rides on the lagoon, where you can admire the wonderful pink flamingos; and the stunning protected marine park of Tavolara, which can be visited. San Teodoro's nightlife offers plenty of choice: the town’s night market with stalls selling all sorts of things, pubs, discos, and beach parties. We also have our own local festivals and fairs, where you can enjoy the best dishes of local cuisine and rediscover the culture, tradition and values of Gallura.

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