In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Sardinia is a world apart. An extraordinary place, the most ancient land in Italy, which offers visitors a real journey back in time. A micro-continent of surprising and varying landscapes. The cradle of the mysterious Nuragic people, a strategic landing place for Phoenicians, Punics and Romans. Land of genuine flavours and ancient traditions, proudly handed down, and remaining intact until today. It is precisely to pass on these traditions that in 1992, in northeast Sardinia, the first San Teodoro agriturismo, "La Rocca Manna", was born, from our family love for the countryside and genuine cuisine. Located a few km from the sea, "La Rocca Manna" is an ancient farm standing on a hill, from which you can enjoy an amazing view over La Cinta Beach and Tavolara Island. Over the years we have enriched and improved the quality of our products. Surrounded by an ancient olive grove, “La Rocca Manna” stands on a 40-hectares farm. We rear sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens; our four lovely donkeys can also be seen grazing on our pasture. In our family-run agriturismo, guests can enjoy traditional Sardinian food, prepared by our family following traditional Gallurese recipes. We produce cold meats from our own stock in winter, and cure them up in the mountains. Some of our first courses: homemade Sardinian gnocchi and ricotta cheese ravioli with ragout, as well as the zuppa gallurese, probably the most famous traditional local dish. As for the second courses, we recommend our red Vernaccia wine sheep stew and roast suckling pig flavoured with myrtle leaves, both a product of our own farm. Cheese Seadas, and other Sardinian sweets are served as dessert.

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